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We are experts at choosing experts

You may need to get technical assistance from an expert or perhaps a whole team with multiple skills.  Whatever your needs are, you don't have a moment to waste.

It is at times like these that you most need Skills-4-Energy.  We screen hundreds of specialists quickly and locate the expert or team you need deployed into the field.

At Skills-4-Energy, we are outstanding at choosing experts.  A solid group with years of practical field experience has taught us a lot about people. But it takes more than that. With interviews, site and project reports as well as cross-referencing experience, we are sure of the quality of consultants we employ.

A large network of  skilled and professional people

Skills-4-Energy, through InterHolding, has build up a strong international network of skilled and professional people.  Today we are proud to rely on a solid team of about 100 consultants working internationally and providing our clients with world class services.  Additionally, because we want to offer our clients the best people, we have built up a dedicated team of HR specialists screening hundreds of candidates, using best-in-class tools, every day.  Today, we rely on an internal database of 12,000 skilled and professionals people.

Respect for people, regulations, safety, environment, and above all, your commitments.

Skills-4-Energy will always turn down projects for which we would be unable to provide the right skills.  It is a matter of respect.  Respect for people, for regulations, for working conditions, and respect for best environmental practices.  Above all, it is respect for commitments: for your commitments.

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